Series of Fortunate and Unfortunate Events

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

For the first time.... hehehe

I'm really looking forward to this day, why? It's because i'll be going to Baguio.. sounds crappy right?! hehehe.. why am I so damn excited? well, it's simple... it's because it's my first time to go to baguio... after 24 years of being alive, im finally gonna get to see baguio... hehehe... but wait, it's not yet summer so why am i going there... hehehe.. well, it's because of my work... i'll be monitoring a training there... geez... so what's up with all the excitement... hehehe

i woke up early today... isn't it obvious that im too thrilled to travel... hehehe... packed my things... had my breakfast and went to the office to meet up with ate angie since she will be coming with me....

12 noon: we here in the bus station, finally... had a light lunch... hehehe... so that i wouldn't throw up while we on the way... hehehe...

to be continued....

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

it@coops Part 1

How am i gonna start??? Hmmm.... it@coops Project had played a major role in terms of career... Hehehe... Before I became the IT Coordintor of NATCCO, I was just simple, humble and good looking IT Instructor (Hehehe). A former student of mine (Joeyboy-thanks joboi!) who is employed at NATCCO referred me to the job vacancy. At first I hesistated since I really do love my work as an instructor but later I realized that I need to try other types of job related to my field while I'm still young. I officially became the IT Coordinator last April 1, 2005. This embarks my journey to the world of it@coops.... Hehehehe

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